Fit 3d

Our state of the art Fit 3d scan provides over 200 accurate body measurements allowing you to compare and share your changes over time. It is objective and highly accurate!

What is Fit 3d?

Using precise and consistent body measurements, the Fit 3d ProScanner captures a 360 degree model of your body in just under a minute!

How Does the Fit 3D Work?

The entire process begins with stepping onto our 3D body scanning platform, grabbing onto the handles, and standing as still as you can for about 40 seconds. The platform will rotate as the sensor moves up and down, scanning every inch of your body to get the most accurate results. In less than a minute, the Fit3D Proscanner will extract more than 200 measurements including circumferences, heights, lengths, widths, volumes, and surface areas from your entire body. The most important of these measurements are mapped onto a 3D image and can be used in wellness assessments to show progress and analyze what needs improvement. A comprehensive report is emailed to you within 5 to 10 minutes of scan completion.) You will be able to see every 3D scan completed – from any mobile device – providing a visual representation of change, by dated scan.

Not only will you be able to view changes in any measurement, but most importantly, you can view all scans in a 3D image (avatar) you can rotate, on screen, providing instant, understandable and measurable changes in composition visually for each of your scans. The results are INSTANT, VISUAL, MEASUREABLE and CREDIBLE.

What do I need to Wear for my Scan?

Be sure to wear minimal, form-fitting clothing. You can bring some along and just change in our office if you’d like.

    Men: Please wear thin fabric shorts
    Women: Lycra/spandex-type shorts and sports bra (no wire or padding).

For Best Results:

  • It is recommended that you do not exercise before the scan.

  • Put hair up in a bun, clear of neckline.

  • Hold still as possible. Careful not to move your head.

  • Take short, shallow breaths (not deep breathes).

    Watch before your scan

    Curious about what to expect from your first scan? Watch this short video!

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